Pilsung Martial Arts

At Gilbertsville Fitness our Pilsung Martial Arts program embraces the philosophy and ethical code of Tang Soo Do; the concentration, power and sport of Tae Kwon Do; as well as the balance and up-close fighting style of Hap Ki Do. Our program here in Gilbertsville, PA instills those elements which creates a quiet confidence in our students. For more than two thousand years people have been reaping the benefits of martial arts training: from improved physical fitness; self-discipline; self-confidence; renewed vigor; and greater concentration and peace of mind. Some other reasons to study martial arts are: Building confidence, mental and physical focus, self-discipline, self-control, respect for yourself and your peers, Good work ethic, Teamwork and leadership training.

Members that train here at Kwons Black Belt Academy will experience a new and dynamic approach to learning forms and weapons skills while maintaining traditional values. All of our Masters and Instructors are certified yearly through our Grandmaster.

Fitbody kickboxing

Let out all that stress on the heavy bag with our fat-melting fitness kickboxing classes. If your bored with chain gyms, fad diets, and exercise videos – get ready for the funnest, most exciting workout of your life. WE combine cardio, resistance, and interval training to give you the best workout possible. Individually, each of these forms of exercise is powerful. Combine all three…. And you’ve got one heck of an awesome workout.


WE love to ride our bikes outside, but sometimes an indoor cycle class is a quick way to get a super intense fitness fix that could see you burning those calories and meeting your fitness goals in a short time. Our Indoor Cycle program offers a variety of rides, movements, coaching and motivation that will keep riders safe, excited and engaged. Our instructors will fill the room with energy as the class works together to transform their bodies.





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